jeudi 12 avril 2007

Desperate Houswives Tv journal 5

Tv journal 5

Listen to desperates houswives, help me to learned better knowing certain English expressions. I hope that, to have to listen to this program my to help has to include understand English in a better way. I recommend this series for everyone it does not matter your age and your sex. This emission is strong in emotions and actions all kind of actions. Several adventures occur with the current of the emissions.

lundi 2 avril 2007

Family Guy Tv Journal 5

By listening, Family Guy, I learnt several new words and numerous English expressions which I did not know before. Furthermore, I improved a lot as regards my oral understanding of the English language. However, I recommend this series only to those who like the humor pushed towards the absurd. Indeed, Family Guy is a funny, full of life series telling the adventures, rather outside the common, of an average American family. Nevertheless, this broadcast is all the same an excellent source to learn English because every episode has a different context and therefore, several new words or expressions are present.

vendredi 30 mars 2007

Desperate Houswives Tv Journal 4

Tv Journal 4

In the third episode, I, Susan, are furious when Mike defers our first go official because of the arrival of a very sexy surprised guest. I am upset with him and I am very jealous because I am on which is another rival for me. Lynette, will see the doctor for drug for his two twins and she develops a dependence has these drugs against the hyperactivity of the twins. Gabrielle becomes jealous of the woman in the life of John, his seventeen year old gardener. The children of Bree know now that their parents separate and they revolt by learning that their father is already moved. Moreover I listen to the problem of my friends but I succeeded not has to reflect because of the sexy girl who is in visit dear Mike. I even forget to listen to my Julie daughter. And it needs some largely.

mardi 13 mars 2007

Family Guy Tv Journal 4

I am Peter Griffin :
By coming back from the basketball match, my son Chris spoke in a very strange way. I believed that he was possessed but my daughter told me that he spoke about the language of the street like many other teenagers. Not understanding a word of what Chris said, I went to speak about this problem with my friend Cleveland. He explained to me that my son had maybe adopted another culture because he did not know his own culture enough. It gave me the idea to tell Chris the Irish roots of the family by going to a museum. Then, by looking at a book of the genealogy of Griffin's family, I discovered that one of my ancestors was black. I went later to speak about this recent news to Cleveland who advised me to learn a little more about my new culture. So, I began to spend time with blacks in a league of Afro Americans. One day, by entering at home, I saw the parents of my wife who showed to my children the genealogy of the Pewterschmidt's family. I was offended by noticing a photo of my black ancestor who was reduced to slavery by the ancestors of Lois's family. So that I would forget this annoying incident, the father of Lois gave me twenty thousand dollars which I accepted by way of repair. However, having used this money selfishly, the members of the American Afro league asked me not to attend any more of their meetings. Having rejected me at the basketball match by the blacks and the whites, I went to the toilet. I saw then an appearance of my black ancestor in the mirror who told me not to pay any more attention to the skin colour and to use the money of Lois's father correctly. So, I threw the crowd all the money which I had received.

jeudi 22 février 2007

Desperate Houswives Tv Journal 2

Tv Jounal Assignment 2

The second episode of desperate beauty occurs as a General with Susan and mike. Finally Susan invited Mike to come supper with it. By against it much competition has, to conquer beautiful the mike. On the street Edie a devourer of man wants Mike for it all alone. In the life of Bree her Rex husband wants to ask for the divorce because it is not well any more with Bree. Their children are not well-informed yet. During the emission we see the boys of mary Alice' S, Zach which at the time one night saw his/her father unearthing something at the bottom of the swimming pool. Susan convinced the other girls to make a party for Mary Alice because it had planned some before its death. Bree a very good housewife decided to make this party at it. Later with the current of the Susan week had the visit of its ex-husband, Lord of a baffle it took its towel in the door of the house which was barred, it was thus found naked out of the house. Later Mike gave him its response for the supper and it found it naked in its bushes.

lundi 19 février 2007

Family Guy Tv Journal 2

In the episode of Family Guy entitled Emission Imposible that I watched this week, Lois who learnt that her sister was soon going to give birth decided to go to visit her with Peter. They had just arrived when, both members of the Griffin family had to drive Lois' sister to the hospital because she had contractions. Because the doctor was incapable to carry out his work, Peter took charge of the acouchement. So, the simple fact of holding a newborn child in his arms, gave Peter the desire to have another child. Every member of the Griffin family accepted the idea except Stewie who was afraid of being replaced. He tried to prevent his parents from having sexual relations. His last attempt consisted of going in his father's body, with a miniature vessel , to eliminate sperm cells. However, during his attack, Stewie met an opponent of size but who pleased the small Griffin when this one learnt that quite as him his opponent did not love Lois. So Stewie accepted the idea to have a little brother and went out of his father's body to allow his parents to give birth to another child. However, Lois and Peter decided finally not to have another baby. Peter took then a pornographic magazine and went to relieve himself in toilet. Stewie believing that his brother had died became sad but perceived a sign indicating that he had actually survived. The youngest of the Griffin family then realized that his still non-existent brother was maybe too smart.

vendredi 9 février 2007

Family Guy Tv Journal 1

Family Guy is a funny, full of life series telling the adventures of an average American family living in a small town name Quahog. Every episode shows extracts of everyday life, going out very often of the common, of every member forming the small family.

First, you have the father, Peter, a very stupid man and doubtless the central figure of the series. The mother, Lois is, however, totally the opposite of her husband because she gives evidence of a big intelligence and a wisdom. Then, there is Chris, the elder son of the family, a not too intelligent boy with a child's mentality and who apparently follows the same road as his father. Megan, the only girl of Peter and Lois is a hung up teenager, who does not show a lot of intelligence or other talents. Stewie, the baby of the family is doubtless the most intelligent. His bigger projects are to control the world and to eliminate his own mother. Finally, Brian is the dog of the family. This one is rather extraordinary because he speaks, walks and act as a man. In spite of a certain resemblance to the Simpsons, Family Guy distinguishes itself with a humor more pushed towards the absurd and that is why I chose this program. By watching Family Guy in English I hope to increase my understanding of this language.